HOA Documents for Sellers

Sellers, real estate agents, title companies and mortgage brokers can obtain HOA documents by having the seller access this website, https://www.lochlomondhoa.org, via login (if the seller does not have Internet access, then let us know and we can send documents directly).  The following menu items on the website have the relevant documents:

Board of Directors
    Meeting Minutes and Reports (usually only need 1 year if requested by buyer)
    Financial Statements (only need 1 year)
Governing Documents
    CC&Rs and Bylaws (and Articles of Incorporation; choose the correct CC&Rs for your Unit)
Forms and Documents
    2023 Annual Disclosures

The dues balance and other information on the HOA-IR form as well as HOA-RS, HOA-RN forms may be obtained by sending such forms to the Board via email at [email protected]
Note that the systems that create these PDF files usually lock them when digitally signed by the current owner but you must unlock these forms before sending them to the Board using disclosures.io or smallpdf.com or similar sites for that purpose or can load the PDF into Google Chrome and Print with Destination "Save as PDF".  This is so that the Board can edit the PDF files and sign them.