Election 2022

Nomination notices were mailed via USPS on 4/29/2022 to all homeowners by the Inspector of Elections, Liberty HOA Election Services. The deadline to return the form is May 23, 2022 by 5:00 pm. 

Ballots will be mailed via USPS as soon as possible after the nomination cutoff. 

Votes will be counted by the Inspector of Elections at the annual meeting via Zoom.  The exact date will be determined after the nomination process is complete, it is expected to be at the end of June.

The board and Andre Shashaty are acting as the nomination committee. There is no process required to be nominated, any member can nominate themselves. If homeowners have questions about becoming a director or the election process, please contact one of the nomination committee members:

Kelley Baer or Rick Pozzo      [email protected]
Andre Shashaty                    [email protected]

A good video addressing the various protections available for California HOA directors is provided free of charge here:


Please note most of the other legal information on the website refers to HOAs bound by the Davis Stirling Act, our HOA is not included in Davis Stirling Act. 

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